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Welcome to 3D Secure Service

3D Secure is a new service from NABIL Bank in association with Visa and MasterCard that lets you shop online securely with your existing NABIL Bank debit or credit card , which may be used only on merchant websites that subscribe to services of "Verified By Visa™" (VbV) and MasterCardSecureCode™.3D Secure Service provides you with a password to protect your online transactions just like you use your PIN at the ATM. NABIL 3D Secure Service confirms your identity through a swift but comprehensive check process when you make online purchases.

It enables you to authenticate yourself at the time of online purchase by using your 3D Secure password and protects your NABIL Bank Visa/MasterCard debit or credit card against misuse.

Now, you can purchase almost anything on the internet round the clock at your convenience. The registration is easy and simple. You can register to 3D secure services by following the link below or at the time of online purchases.

You can register to NABIL Bank 3D Secure Service here
Cards & e-Banking Division
Nabil Bank Limited
Beenamarg, Durbarmarg
Kathmandu, Nepal
Hotlines: +977-14-228538, +977-14-226681
Marketing Department: +977-14-223125, +977-14-255151
Fax: +977-14-226905, +977-14-223132
Email: card@nabilbank.com

Laxmi Bank Limited as an associate member of Nabil Bank can offer the services in this page to Laxmi Bank cardholders. Service Charges, Terms and Conditions and other aspects of the services remains the same and applies to Laxmi Bank cardholders when used.

For further queries, please contact us at:
Cards Services Division
Laxmi Bank Limited
Hattisar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Direct line: +977-1-4445200, +977-1-4444630
Email: cardsupport@laxmibank.com

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